2016-06-25 06:30:39 by TimoteiOlaru

Hello , everybody!

The school it's over and the summer holiday began!

Now I can spend my time on NG a lot more than when I was in school.

I made a list with Tasks witch I will do them :

  1. Complete all my game challenges
  2. Make some pixel arts
  3. Make some audio
  4. Post on forum
  5. Put some photos with me!

First I will finish the challenges and then I will do the rest of tasks!

Don't forget to look at my news to see more informations about my arts.

And I put some profiles at my Contacts Info. Look at them! All that profiles are mine! Trust me!

1st June

2016-06-01 05:27:47 by TimoteiOlaru

Is 1st June 2016!!!

Did you know what this means? That's right!

Now I will start my challenges.

I will play 50 games and I will try to achieve some awards!

Is just for fun!

Now I have 2,080 awards from 197 different games and 35,000 award points! When I will finish those challenges I will add together the medals witch I did at challenges with present awards!

Then I will know how many awards I did!

On 1st August I will finish this!

Wish me some Good Luck!!!


About my second art

2016-05-16 08:19:15 by TimoteiOlaru

If you look at my arts you can see an art about Bob Marley!

I made it!!! Yeah , I know ... You saw 'copy - paste'. BUT ISN'T!!!

Look at this!

This is how I made my art!!!


Before some days I made 3 new arts!!! Look at Latests Arts and you will see the real image and the game where I made this pixel arts!

First I made a Pokemon named Umbreon! Is a cool name!!! I'm not a big Pokemon fan but anyways I made this art!!!

Look at my Latest Arts and you will see more informations about it!5324779_146357346753_1.jpg

It took me some time but I love pixel arts!!!

Second is a pink horse named Pinkamena. When I was young I liked to look at unicorns , pink horses and dolls. Now I am 16 years old and I don't like these things!

Anyways I made an art about Pinkamena who feels so sad. I don't know why. More informations at my Latest Arts!5324779_146357377262_2.jpg

I forgot to fill the background with something. Sorry for that!

And the last one is another pink horse but it comes with an awesome detail! This horse's name is Pinkie Mustache and his awesome detail is the moustache! I made that art with Pinkie who feels diabolically!!!5324779_146357396732_3.jpg

I love his expression! It says all!!!!!

Almost winner!!!

2016-05-15 05:51:36 by TimoteiOlaru

Today I reached at 1.000 awards from 81 different games!!!

I will make awards until 1 June , then , I will start the challenge and then on 1 August I will se how many awards I got!

Now I have 17,205 award points and 1,000 awards! On 1 August I will add the challenge points and awards too!!!

To be clear I will subtract points that will make the challenge with the points you have before June 1. The awards also.

Wish me some Good Luck!!!

1.000 awards

2016-05-14 12:20:35 by TimoteiOlaru

Until 1 June I should get 1.000 to see how many awards I will get after I finish the challenges!

I will make a post about this!

The games are hard but funny so I don't let the lazyness to cover me!!!

Wish me some Good Luck!!!

My art

2016-05-14 03:52:34 by TimoteiOlaru

Today I did an awesome pixel art!

Actually it represent 25 pixel arts in 1 image!

I made the image and 25 pixel arts too!

I made the pixel art in the Newgrounds game entitled Cathode Raybots.

If you don't trust me you can add me and then play Cathode Raybots and below at medals you will see a button named user creations. If you click it you will see 3 categories.
First at group you click faces , then at Sort by you click views and at show you click friends. If you and I are friends you can see my creations witch are in that collage.

Look at my pixel art and rate it!

The Newgrounds Epic Challenges

2016-05-13 14:44:26 by TimoteiOlaru

I wrote in my old post that I will do a Challenge named The Emperor Gamer Challenge.

To make the thing harder I made 2 new playlists with 13 and 12 games ... so now I should do 50 games!!!

I will start on 1st June and I will finish on 1st August! ( during my summer holiday )

Please wish me some Good Luck!

( I don't start now 'cause I'm student and I've 4 Tests during this month )


Lated Shared Creations

2016-05-13 14:35:13 by TimoteiOlaru

Look at my Lated Shared Creations!

If you see I don't have only 6 creations.

I have 20+ Lated Shared Creations!!!

I love to do this!!!

About my challenge

2016-05-13 12:02:44 by TimoteiOlaru

Hey , everyone!

I'm here to show to you my challenge named The Emperor Gamer Challenge!

Look at the bottom of my account and you will see a playlist!

There are 25 games!

I will try to win all awards from all 25 games!

The games they'll play in that order from top to bottom!

If I finish this games I will have 9,000 award points and I will make a post about my victory!!!

If you win already , you're the best!!!

Wish me good luck!!!

And don't forgot to look at my all posts! I will try to post a lot! Just for fun!!!


(sorry for my English mistakes)

My first post

2016-05-13 10:25:47 by TimoteiOlaru

Hello , everyone!

This is my first post so read that words below!

If someone read this please send me a message cause I want to talk with newgrounds members!

I only want to have some fun so don't be afraid and send me a message!

I love Newgrounds because I have fun while I play this games!

When I was 7 years old I found Newgrounds but then I haven't an account but now I am 14 years old and I did it!

When I was young I played only for fun and I always lose!

When I saw 'Game Over' I was so happy!

I don't know why!

But now I'm still playing games on Newgrounds but I dont remember my old games so I start again!

I know that nobody will not read this but I write this only for fun!

I'm not a good English speaker so sorry if I wrote some mistakes!

Send me a message if you want to be friends!!!

#Enjoy Life!!!